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Trail’s End Retreats offers a wide array of lodging options, designed to appeal to everyone from the rustic traveler in love with nature to someone more focused on hotel style amenities. Regardless of where they stay, your guests will experience the comfort and natural beauty found only at a modern, mountain retreat center.


Our Cabins are designed in horseshoe patterns on our campuses. Nestled on green fields and surrounded by trees, they create a wonderfully rustic setting with the comforts of modern day life. Our Country Cabins have tiled or wood floors, a room for sleeping, a changing room and a multi-person bathroom. The Cabins are approximately 1,100 square feet and easily sleep up to 10 adults. They are perfect for families looking for their own private space or single sex guests looking to bond and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.


In a horseshoe pattern amidst tall trees and green grass, our Garden Cottages offer guests a lovely retreat getaway. Each space offers a walk-in closet and a private bathroom. Our Cottages are perfect for couples or leadership staff looking to get away from it all by enjoying the rustic setting and the quiet, cozy nights.



The Inn at Trail’s End is our premier lodging choice for those seeking comfort and style. This gorgeous lodge is designed with hotel style rooms, complete with flat screen TVs, wireless internet, private bathrooms and a communal kitchenette. The Inn also features an 825 square foot meeting room with an 80’’ flat screen TV, surround sound and computer screen sharing for power point presentations. Each hotel room is approximately 275 square feet and perfect for bridal parties, families, special guests or leadership teams.


Nestled at the foot of our beachfront, our Beach House Dorms are designed to offer a communal living space. Each house has 20 rooms and each room can easily accommodate 4-8 adult guests. Our centrally located lounge offers a nice separation between the two sides which allows for flexibility in age group, gender, families, etc. There are no doors on the rooms, which also allows for easy access for everyone to enjoy each other while providing a personal space for each person to call home. Finally, there are multi-person bathrooms on each side. Our Beach House Dorms can accommodate between 60-100 people in each and are perfect for students, singles or younger guests who enjoy each other’s company.

Experience comfort and natural beauty

at Trail’s End Retreats